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Breaks of a Season
Winter is here, and snowflakes fall.
The days get short and hell freezes over.
It's at times like this when I could use a break.
Winter time is here, and I feel fine.
Weather has thawed, Spring is in the air.
The days draw out and the sun shines bright.
It's at times like this when I could use a break.
Spring time is here, and I feel fine.
Humidity and heat rule the Summer.
The sun won't go away, and I just wanna play.
It's at times like this when I could use a break.
Summer time is here and I feel fine.
Breaks from school, once a season, that is the rule.
Without them that would not be cool.
So to Fall I have but one thing to say:
Go to hell, mmmkay?
:icondingobuzz269:dingobuzz269 0 1
Introduction to Shakespeare
I ask them why we must read
books written in what we
laughingly call English.
I say down with Bill Shakespeare,
he was a pot-head anyway.
Instead, let us read Crichton,
or King, or Clancy.
I want not to hear of Shakespeare,
though if I have to, let it be in
a movie with Keanu Reeves or Kenneth Branagh.
But all they make us do is read.
"Doth" and "Thou" and silly words like that.
So much so that I could cry.
They laugh at our expense.
They laugh as I try to comprehend.
O Noble Shakespeare, thou art
but a thorny-thorn in mine side.
:icondingobuzz269:dingobuzz269 0 1
Dance Jared
If when I jump to my feet
at the throb of a beat,
And the disco ball is flashing.
And there's smoke in the air--
If I look like a fool,
though I try to be cool,
In my black pinstripe suit,
Who's to say I'm not hip;
"You've only got one life to live."
If I dance how I want to,
I won't feel blue,
Rocking out all night long--
Why can't I just raise my hands in the air,
like I just don't care?
:icondingobuzz269:dingobuzz269 0 0
Night of the Fox
I am the Fox,
red and small.
Some people like me,
thinking me cute.
Others hate me,
believing me trouble.
Whatever they think,
they know
that I'm crafty,
call it what you will.
I hunt and I scavenge,
I kill and I eat.
This land was my family's
long before your's.
Try as you might
to destroy us,
in the end,
we'll still be here.
:icondingobuzz269:dingobuzz269 0 0
Angelina Jolie by dingobuzz269 Angelina Jolie :icondingobuzz269:dingobuzz269 2 6
In the Alley
Jim Hurley sat in a faux-leather straight-backed chair in front of a desk, forehead resting in his hand, elbow propped against his knee.  He felt sick.  The news he had just uncovered made his insides squirm.  Consequently, his queasiness was beginning to give him a headache.  
He couldn't take it any longer.  He stood up and began to pace.  He was in a poorly-lit office.  Outside the window, the first rays of sunlight spilled up over the horizon of Vista City.  He stopped briefly to gaze out before continuing his circle around the room.
Jim was thirty-six, fairly tall and somewhat muscular.  He had no wife, no kids, no girlfriend.  His parents were both passed away, and he had no brothers, and a deceased sister.  He had a few select friends, and no one else.  This was not the way he had pictured his life turning out, but upon reflection, it wasn't so bad.  
:icondingobuzz269:dingobuzz269 0 2
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Jared Houghton
United States
Current Residence: Up your ass.
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Shell of choice: Squirtle.
Skin of choice: Yours.
Favourite cartoon character: The Far Side, by Gary Larson.
Well, for all you no one that reads this, I can't believe I haven't updated this since March of 2007.  That's over two years!  ...probably because I haven't had anything to upload in that time.

My girlfriend and I are about to celebrate our two-year anniversary this April 16.  Two years, whoo! Kari is definitely the best girlfriend a guy could have!

I now work at Target, having left the mail room job on campus because I graduated in Dec.  I'm going to be the director of photography on a Lifetime movie just as soon as financing falls into place.

Kari and I are moving into our own apartment in a couple of weeks (though we get the key on the 4th, my birthday), and we're getting a dog, Chloe, who is waiting patiently with Kari's parents.

I suppose the reason I haven't added any new deviations is because I haven't done any.  I've lost interest with drawing.  It happens.  I figure I'll get interested in it again at some point, so until then, I'll just let my page continue to get the very slow trickle of lookers while I gain a fav every so often.

So until who knows when, have fun everyone!
  • Listening to: The Band
  • Reading: Set Lighting Technician's Handbook
  • Watching: Scrubs
  • Playing: Rock Band 2
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: Swill


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